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Okurayama Studio IFFT 2016 (International Furniture Fair Tokyo)

This is the IFFT 2016 venue design for Okurayama Studio, a quarrier of Daté Kanmuri-ishi Stone. The expressions Daté Kanmuri-ishi Stone show are very unique. The rusty, ochre coloured surface is rounded by weathering but under the surface, they are a rich black throughout inside. The quarry produces gigantic stones exceeding 5 metres in height. The venue design demanded for a space (3 x 3m) where one can feel the delicate products carved from the powerful raw stone, and understand the cultural activities of the studio such as the Yamado Salon located in Mt. Okurayama.

Each of these expressionate stones are “cut”, “chiseled”, and “polished” by the craftsmen, bringing out the best out of them.

The concept of the design was to make the best out of the materials, as the products are.

The plinths on which the heavy stones are placed on, are a wooden lattice akin to a wooden derrick. The plinths were assembled without any glue nor screws. 8φ holes were drilled on three sides of each 25 x 25mm timber and joined with wooden dowels.

Daté Kanmuri-ishi stone is a black stone which shines beautifully when polished. We attempted to bring out a dark shine from a material itself, using a familiar material, lauan plywood. By “charring” the plywood, we made a top board for the plinths upon which the stones were set.

Each plinth was made according to the size of the stone it holds, and strategically placed within the pavilion with how the visitor might look around in mind.

The delicate stone products and the exhibition space composed by minimal components make a statement Okurayama Studio would like to convey.

Architect_TANK(Yuki Shibata)
Construction_TANK +Shobisha
Graphic Design_desegno ltd.(Shun Takashina)
Art Direction_desegno ltd.(Haruhiko Taniuchi)
Photography_Kenta Hasegawa
Location_ Tokyo Big Site, Japan
Date_7th – 9th November, 2016



About Okurayama Studio
Okurayama Studio is a quarrier of Daté Kanmuri-ishi Stone located in Marumori-cho, Miyagi. They work under their concept, “our products are messages from the mountain sent through stones, and returning them to nature as a dwelling of God.” They are strongly committed to providing perfect stone materials and determined to continue innovation. They also are committed to environmental protection and education from the lessons learned from the uncontrolled lumbering and quarrying during the 1970s.
The many cultural facilities such as Yamado Salon, Modern Iwakura, and Library “Rokkaku-Do” where visitors can touch and feel the local lumber, soil and learn about the rich heritage of Mt. Okura.